Loved Furniture Lasts

When you choose to reupholster you are preserving something for future generations and saving it from the community landfill. Fact is, most furniture is not as well crafted as pieces made 20+ years ago. So by restoring an older piece, you’re investing in quality craftsmanship, supporting your local repair economy, and creating a family heirloom that‘ll be appreciated for many years to come.


Size Matters

Whether it’s an office lobby or a living room, your current furniture ‘fits’ your space perfectly—it’s height, width and length. 


Re-upholstering your furniture removes the risk and expense of having to buy all-new pieces that might not fit as well yet still allows your space to receive a complete transformation. 

Faster Lead Times

While lead times on new furniture can take up to 12 weeks, once we have received your fabric, our lead-time is typically 3-5 weeks. When you refresh your furniture with reupholstery, the only lead time you need to plan for is the fabric. 

Creative Freedom

We help you create a one-of-a-kind piece that you won’t see in any other furniture store—or any neighbor’s living room. You select the fabric and design details (Tufting?  Cushions?); you select the finish (Wood stain? High gloss paint?); you can even choose to add accent pillows—including their shape and fabric. 

Flame retardants - be informed

We understand there are chemical toxins in many everyday objects including upholstered goods. It is our interest and goal to know as much as we can about the products we are working with. Awareness is growing as is the research.


Learn more at The Center for Environmental Health , and Oeco Textiles  Also, these documentaries are chock full of info: The Toxic Hot Seat and Unacceptable Levels


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